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Sq.Ft. Cleaned Daily


Years in Business


Awards Won


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Low-Overhead Business Model

  • Locally owned debt-free company
  • Franchising opportunities NOT available here
  • NO franchising fees to pay out
  • NO questionable fees to pay out
  • NO staffing agency fees to pay out
  • NO legal/court/tax issues
  • NO obligations to maintain in a national scale
  • NO obligations to please the investors
  • YES obligations to please our employees
  • YES obligations to satisfy our current clients

Because of that, We Are Able To

  • Always focus on client satisfaction
  • Always focus on employee well-being
  • Your service-dollar actually goes to work
  • Highest wage-giver in the Twin Cities (in the industry)
  • Rewards for our cleaning staff on their performance
  • Maintain reputable credentials
  • Best voted in the Twin Cities
  • Top rated by clients
  • Google ranked #1 in Minneapolis and St. Paul
  • Maximum insurance policy for client and employee protection
  • Always pursue long-term commitment with clients and employees

I am writing on behalf of Lucky Klover, Inc. who has been providing janitorial service to our building faithfully for many years. When Michael Kim first started the company we were one of the first clients, and we remain so today! We enjoy working with their management team to service our building. I recommend Lucky Klover for your own janitorial needs. We feel like the Lucky Klover company understands our needs and works to satisfy us as key customer. ”

Jill BryanEhr
Minnetonka, MN

I have had Lucky Klover cleaning in my buildings for almost 5 years. Clean and sanitary environments are of the upmost importance to us. Lucky Klover takes special care to make sure our facility is the cleanest that can be. Anytime that we have had any questions, concerns, or special requests, they address them the same day and personally make sure that we are taken care of. I would recommend Lucky Klover to any facility. I have very happy with the services that I have received over the year and I feel confident that they would do a great job in any type of facility. ”

Colleen Zeither
Eden Prairie, MN

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