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If you love making your own natural cleaners, but you’re sick and tired of them being way too complicated or expensive to make, stick around… you’ll love the one I have for you today.

It only uses 3 simple ingredients.


The Problem Is Over-Complicated Natural Cleaners

I love making my own natural cleaners, but I also like keeping them simple and not overdoing it.

There are a thousand DIY recipes out there for cleaning every household thing under the sun… many of which are over-complicated and way too expensive to make if you ask me.

I’m a busy woman, and I don’t have time to make complicated natural household cleaners every 2 months.  Since I like to keep everything in my life as simple as possible, I’ve chosen to do the same thing with the natural cleaners found under my kitchen sink. I have a limited amount of space there, and I don’t want to drag out 20 different cleaners when it’s time for me to clean my house when I really only need 5…

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