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Home or office green cleaning  without using nasty chemicals that is harmful for your health and your environment.

Here are few tips you can use with everyday products at home to make home-made, absolutely earth-friendly cleaning solutions!

Here’s how:

  • Kitchen floors: Whether you’ve got linoleum or ceramic tiles in the kitchen, vinegar — straight or mixed with water — is all you need to get floors clean. Use a sturdy mop (not a disposable one), natural sponge or washrags to scrub, then mop up any excess. (Vinegar and a good stiff brush, either a grout brush or firm toothbrush, also clean grout nicely.)
  • Kitchen sinks: Make your own sink scrub using one part vinegar, four parts baking soda and several drops of your favorite essential oil (or oils). Scrub the paste on with a sponge, let sit for a few minutes then rinse.
  • Windows: Vinegar again, this time in a spray bottle, will do the trick. A lot of people recommend wiping vinegar-sprayed glass with crumpled newspaper, but a lint-free washrag works well too. Don’t clean windows when they’re in direct sunlight, because they’ll dry too fast and look “streaky.”
  • Carpets: Before vacuuming, shake baking soda over the carpeting; it will help to absorb odors. For spot cleaning, try that natural wonder, vinegar. Spray it on, scrub out the spot with a washrag and don’t worry about the vinegar smell; it dissipates quickly.
  • Upholstery: Sprinkle stale cushions and chairs with baking soda, then vacuum after letting it sit for a while.
  • General odors: Make your own scented sprays by mixing distilled water, isopropyl alcohol (keep this away from heat and flames, as well as from children and pets) and several drops of your favorite essential oil in a spray bottle, then spray wherever needed. For especially stubborn smells, some people swear by zeolite, a natural mineral with tiny, tiny pores and an ability to soak in the worst of odors.
  • Tubs and toilets: Spray with vinegar first, then sprinkle on baking soda for totally natural, fizzy cleaning power. Scrub with a sponge or toilet brush, then rinse clean or flush.
  • Garbage cans: Sprinkle the bottoms with the natural mineral borax to prevent mold and fungus, and to keep away insects.
  • Household gateways for bugs: Spring is when ants and other ritters start running amok; fine for the outdoors, maybe, but not in your house. To keep them from crawling in, mix equal parts sugar and borax in a shaker bottle, then sprinkle along likely household entry points (keep away from areas accessible to children and pets).


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