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How to Clean a Glass Table

Keeping a glass table clean ensures that the glass stays shiny and free of dirt and debris. It is advisable to clean a glass table approximately once a week using a few simple steps

Things You would Need

distilled water, a squirt bottle, a microfiber cloth, vinegar, and newspaper.

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Step 1

The first step in cleaning a glass table is clearing the top of any items. You can set them aside while cleaning and then replace them after you finish.

Step 2

Using a microfiber cloth, make sure to remove any dust or other non-sticky spills, such as salt, saving the stickier spills for the next step.

Step 3

Next, spray water onto the table using a spray bottle. Plain hot water works best because it leaves no streaks.

Step 4

Using a dry, clean microfiber cloth, wipe the glass tabletop down, cleaning up any sticky spills as you go. Repeat step 3 and 4 if needed to get the table clean of all spills, dirt, and debris.

Step 5

To finish, use straight vinegar to clean up any stubborn stains or spills. Then, use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to clean the vinegar away.

Step 6

As a final step, you can use a piece of crumpled newspaper to give your table an added sparkle. This removes any fluff and makes the glass shine.

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