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  • 5 Tips for Green Thanksgiving Holiday
    5 Tips for Green Thanksgiving Holiday

    1. Clean Naturally Planning to have a big Turkey Day dinner in your home? The first thing most hosts do before the big day is give the house a thorough cleaning. But before you run to the store and buy an economy size bottle of your favorite brand-named c::Read More

  • Alternatives to Toxic Cleaning Products
    Alternatives to Toxic Cleaning Products

    Home Detergents Release VOCs = TOXIC Most people believe that keeping the home clean maximizes health. While this might be true in theory, research shows that clean houses are increasingly co-related with lowered immunity in families. The reason is that m::Read More

  • How to Deep Green Clean Your Carpets
    How to Deep Green Clean Your Carpets

    Over time spot cleaning just doesn’t do it. You turn around one day and your carpets are a shade darker than when you had them installed. Or, you do a great job spot cleaning only to reveal how dirty the rest of the carpeting really is. Here’s::Read More

  • How to Green Clean Your Microwave
    How to Green Clean Your Microwave

    Microwaves are an efficient way of cooking, but they can be really unpleasant to clean. We’ve got a green method that works well, and all you need is water and a little bit of baking soda (which you can also use to soften sheets and scrub the tub.) 1::Read More

  • How to Make Your Own Kitchen Cleaners
    How to Make Your Own Kitchen Cleaners

    Making your own cleaning products for the kitchen is both economical and good for your health. When you’re using baking soda, vinegar, and water, you can feel pretty confident that the cleaning you’re doing isn’t hurting you or the envir::Read More

  • How to Green Clean the Grout in your Bathroom
    How to Green Clean the Grout in your Bathroom

    Let’s face it. Grout is nobody’s friend. It’s usually bright white, which just means Every. Little. Blemish. Shows. It’s porous, so stains soak in and stick around. And it’s pretty skinny, making it all the more difficult to ::Read More

  • Dangers of Chemical Cleaners
    Dangers of Chemical Cleaners

    How can you tell when something is clean? Our generation has learned to associate the smell of bleach or other chemical ingredients with being clean. Unfortunately, these chemical cleaners also release toxic compounds that can actually create health risks::Read More

  • How to Make Your Own Bathroom Cleaners (Green Clean)
    How to Make Your Own Bathroom Cleaners (Green Clean)

    There are tons of “green” bathroom cleaners on the market, but most of the time it’s cheaper and just as effective to make your own. Armed with a few simple non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients, you can keep your bathroom fresh and sp::Read More

  • Green Cleaning (Chemical Free) Tips
    Green Cleaning (Chemical Free) Tips

    Home or office green cleaning  without using nasty chemicals that is harmful for your health and your environment. Here are few tips you can use with everyday products at home to make home-made, absolutely earth-friendly cleaning solutions! Here’s::Read More

  • Green-Homemade Shower Spray Recipes
    Green-Homemade Shower Spray Recipes

    For Daily Use: 1/3 cup rubbing alcohol 1 cup water Mix in a spray bottle and shake. Apply to surface, no rinsing required. Tile and Grout Cleaner: 1/2 cup of baking soda 1/3 cup of ammonia 1/4 cup of white vinegar 7 cups of water Combine all the ingredien::Read More

  • Chemical Cleaners Linked to Cancer Risk
    Chemical Cleaners Linked to Cancer Risk

    Cancer Risk Household cleaning products have been linked to all sorts of health risks such as  cancer risk and a Boston University study just added another one: breast cancer. The study, published in the journal Environmental Health, found that women wh::Read More

  • What Every Woman Should Know
    What Every Woman Should Know

    Household Cleaning Products: What Every Woman Should Know How clean is clean? Americans have become increasingly concerned about their exposure to germs and the diseases they may cause.  Advertisements tell us of new and improved products which will prot::Read More


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